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Colours to boost your mood!

Colours to boost your mood!

Bring some colour to your home

As a child my eyes were always attracted to beautiful things, especially bright colours and unusual shapes. I have since discovered that there is a logic behind this and here’s why. Bright colours help children distinguish items from one another and kids are much more attracted to primary colours such as red, yellow and blue over muted pastel shades. So, that’s why all my kid’s toys were those colours…those clever marketing people!

How does colour affect us as adults in everyday life? 

Research shows that colours can have a psychological effect on us and looking at bright colours can positively impact our mood by triggering neurological responses in the brain and cause the hypothalamus gland to release ‘feel good’ hormones, referred to as a dopamine boost.  This boost can improve our mood, heighten the attention span and even boost our sex drive.

The colours red and orange have been shown to increase heart rate and stimulate our brain. These responses generally lead to higher levels of energy and activity.

Colour impacts our emotions

Understanding how colours affect us, can help with dressing your home and is a useful tool to keep in mind when shopping for gifts. Warm and cool colours cause different emotions and bold and bright colours versus muted colours affect our feelings.   Warm colours bring feelings of happiness, energy and optimism, whilst cooler colours like green, blue and purple are soothing and calming. 

Happy colours is definitely the way to go when looking for gifts, as you want to spread happiness with your gift.  Choose bright and warm colours like yellow, orange, pink and red, or pastel colours like peach, light pink or purple that help lift the mood. 

Colours and Turkish culture

Our Turkish handmade ceramics and gifts are well known for their bright and bold colours. Red (Kirmizi) is an especially important colour in Turkey, due to its association with its flag and Turkish tea.  

Blue (Mavi) is another powerful colour that is said to have healing powers and repel evil, that’s where the evil eye comes from and why you will see this everywhere in Turkey.  It’s also a must-have colour in traditional Turkish art, such as “çini,” the art of painting glazed tile and ceramics. 

Green (Yeşil) is also very traditional, and was the colour of the ottoman flag, as well as being associated with Islam.  Nowadays, green is used to convey the diverse nature of Turkey with its mountains, waterfalls and stunning natural countryside and villages around the Black Sea region.   

You’ll see these colours in the beautiful ceramic bowls, dishes and plates with their floral designs and patterns available on the website.